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Just a few late repayments and even some small loans and data about our person can immediately be in one of the debtors’ registers. And that means that our situation when applying for any other loan is very difficult, and for a large part of the financial companies, we simply do not get the loan.

Let’s see what it looks like in a 10000 loan-free registry today – is there anyone who provides such loans? If so, under what conditions?

Quick cash via direct lenders !!


With the borrowing of money to a client who has a debtor register, private investors will certainly not have problems. They lend to virtually anyone, but it must be emphasized that these loans are extremely risky and have extremely high-interest rates. Apart from the fact that it is no exception in this area to meet fraudsters who are only trying to excuse the loan fee from desperate applicants (for example by calling overpriced lines 0900) and do not provide any loan.

If we are looking for solid payday loans direct lenders today without registers, it will be appropriate to contact some established institutions and reputable companies. Of course, we do not mean banks – for them, loans without a register are taboo. In the non-banking market, there are a few companies that can provide payday loans direct lenders. For example, ( and their easy payday loans direct lender.

Loans without registers – “something for something”


The drawbacks of loans up to CZK 10,000 excluding debtors’ registers today are higher interest and APR compared to ordinary non-bank loans, and the fact that in some cases the loan needs to be secured by a bill of exchange. Non-bank loans with no real estate guarantee are available to applicants who have real estate they can pledge, so-called non-bank US mortgages.